Focus on your athletes. Let us take care of the details.

Reliability and Experience

We have over 20 years of experience executing track and field meets and related athletic events.  We work with each customer to specifically optimize what is best for each event.  Our timing system is quick to set up and provides real-time results for meet organizers and coaches, as well as spectators.

3-Day Quote Guarantee

After confirming initial requirements, we will provide a reliable quote and confirmation of services within 3 business days. We will plan the most efficient and affordable option for each unique timing situation. 

Meet Management Support

In addition to timing services, we can provide sign-in assistance, starter support, and number distribution to all athletes.

FinishLynx timing scoreboard

Roundhouse Timing can include a FinishLynx timing scoreboard, which provides easy-to-read results, including the name and affiliation of all competing athletes. The scoreboard allows athletes, coaches, and spectators to easily see real-time results for a more engaging meet.  

Portable Power

We have portable power resources if required so that our Fully Automatic Timing System (FAT) can be used in remote locations for cross country and other outdoor events. 


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