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Accuracy. Reliability. Experience.

Roundhouse Timing aims to supply accurate, reliable and professional timing services for track and field, cross county and other running events.  We use the most reliable technology available and will work with all event organizers to make sure that our timing services are providing exactly what is needed for each specific event.  We know the frustrations of slow moving track meets.  We balance the need of the coaches and athletes with the expectations of spectators and event hosts. 

For coaches and meet promoters, having knowledgeable resources to time and officiate the event is the biggest worry.  Coaches want and need to coach, not officiate or be tied up at the finish line away from their athletes.

Say goodbye to manual results processing.

In addition, meet results should be compiled seamlessly, not manually processed and slowly sent to coaches.

Roundhouse Timing has the expertise of a long-term track and field coach and competitor who understands the customer service element of timing services that is often missing.

We understand that coaches and athletes want well executed events with minimal delay.


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